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I’ll admit it – I let spring break get the best of my productivity. Sunbathing had become a priority, but this morning I received a pleasant reminder to keep up my hard work. I returned from a mini-vacation in Islamorada to a notification that the piece I wrote for the illustrious was published on their site this morning!

Here’s a snippet:

“During the peak of July’s sweltering heat, I abandoned my day job to live in a dirty Jeep with three wild boys, including my beau Niko. We spent two few weeks traversing the American Midwest, in search of good climbing and even better food. Armed with two cameras, high spirits and an arsenal of disinfecting wipes, I eagerly headed off on my first extended climbing trip.

The tales I collected during my travels could fill a novel. There were the bed bugs I picked up in an abandoned fraternity house in Tulsa, the stunning community gardens and colossal burritos in Denver, and the time we lost all our gear during a wind storm in Kansas, and that’s just to name a few.

Sifting through the stories, there is one adventure that outweighs all the rest: the time the boys tried to summit the Grand Teton in Wyoming. It was the climax of the trip, the epic event that was to define our entire journey – and I wanted nothing to do with it.”

In the Grand Teton National ParkFollow the link to check out the rest of “Summiting the Grand Teton in Wyoming – or not” on!

Stay tuned for updates on my plans to move to Boulder, my chaotic decision ditch the climbing trip to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch and more.

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3 thoughts on “Check out my story from the Grand Tetons on!

    • Katie Boué says:

      Without you and your craving for shirley temples, I’d have no stories to tell. – Let’s talk about how excited I am to get out to Colorado, so we can make a million more stories together!

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