Chasing Summer: A Declaration

There’s somewhat of a war going on out there – and we all need to pick a side. I noticed the first battle cry last weekend while driving through the Colorado mountains on a mini road trip: a small army of Aspen trees defiantly emblazoned with leaves turning an unmistakable hue of gold. Little leaves fluttering in the wind, flashing a suspiciously yellow color.

We’re sitting on the cusp of seasonal change.

For some, this is a small hint towards victory. A promise that summer’s hot and humid occupation of the earth is coming to an end. It’s a first little outcry in the name of winter.

That’s why I’m flying 38,000 feet in the air right now, my suitcase full of bikinis and sandals stowed in the compartment above my seat. Summer is ending in Colorado – so I’m ditching the mountains and heading to the sea.

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I refuse to give up summer just yet.

All around me, folks are latching on to any sign of the upcoming winter. And I ain’t havin’ it. While some of you are already unpacking your skis and eyeing the snow forecasts, I’m fighting to hold on to every last instance of summertime bliss.

Don’t get me wrong ­– autumn is one of the best seasons. Crisper air gives way to cozy mornings and prime climbing conditions. My birthday is on its way. I love the fall, but I also hate it – because I have no greater enemy than that which comes when those yellow Aspen leaves finally lose their life and fall to the ground. I loathe winter. It’s wonderful for my productivity, but I’d much rather exist without it.

There are two sides to the war that’s about to break out – and I’m choosing to continue chasing summer.

While all you snow bunnies prepare for the first snowfall, I’ll be out in Puerto Rico, Spain, and Ibiza. Waking up along the coast, eating gelato to cool off while exploring hot city streets, and spending as much time in the ocean as possible. I’ll give in to winter eventually, but join me while I chase the remnants of warm weather for as long as possible.

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