Celebrate National Get Outdoors Day

One of my favorite things that I like to celebrate every day is getting outdoors. In the spirit of equity for all holidays, we only get one official National Get Outdoors Day, tomorrow on June 9th – if you’re like me though, you never need an excuse to enjoy the world outside.

My perennial dedication to the pursuit of being outside is made exponentially easier by my new hometown’s proximity to outdoor recreation. Access to the outdoors is why I moved to Salt Lake City–though the ability to go from city-to-trail is achievable almost anywhere, whether you have an hour or an entire day to get out there.

On a weekday jammed with meetings, my local go-to is the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. There are trailheads peppered all along the foothills running north to south in the Salt Lake area, and I can be standing with my Hi-Tec boots in the dirt within ten minutes of locking my front door. Hiking, trail running, mountain biking, picnicking, finding a rock to take a nap on–these close to home trails offer it all.

While I adore the mountains and foothills, my truest love is the desert. And this is only a 2.5 hour drive from my front door (totally day-trip worthy):

Close-to-home overnights and day trips can be as simple as your afternoon neighborhood hikes. Just toss a pad + sleeping bag in your car, load up on snacks, and fill a pack with essentials like water and sunscreen. Armed with three pairs of Hi-Tec Altitude and Wild-Fire boots, two dogs, and a cooler full of La Croix and cheese sticks, this is what 36 hours of adventure looks like in Southern Utah:

We rendezvoused at the start of a dirt road system, caravanned out to a canyon campground, and claimed our site. Then we laced up our waterproof Hi-Tec boots, and hiked along the canyon rim until the sunset. After a taco dinner, we tucked ourselves into our respective vehicles, zonked out, and awoke to a glittery sunrise. With a half day to explore before heading back to the city, we used a map to find the nearest accessible stream, and mucked through the water and mud until our skin was burnt and our souls felt full. It was a quick, simple trip that was just what I needed before diving into another busy workweek.

Tips for getting making the most of YOUR National Get Outdoors Day:

  • Think local. You don’t have to plan an epic expedition to enjoy a day outdoors. Walk your dog to a neighborhood park, find your nearest rail trail and explore by bike, lace up your running shoes and see how far you can go from your front door. Adventure is what you make of it.
  • Don’t forget the summer essentials. If I could implore upon you to only have two things in your summertime adventure pack, it would be: sunscreen and water.
  • Spread the love. Invite your roommate, ask your neighbor if you can take their dog out for a jaunt, and call your sister. The best part of the outdoors is sharing it with others.
  • Dress accordingly. Along with sunscreen, appropriate gear is a must. Here in Utah, summers are notorious for unexpected afternoon storms. Pack a shell, and choose your footwear wisely. I’ve been rocking the Hi-Tec Altitude Lite II Mid I waterproof boots.

Are you heading out to celebrate National Get Outdoors Day tomorrow? I’d love to hear about your adventures, whether you’re just sun bathing in your backyard or planning a dawn patrol mountain summit. No matter how you get out there, make time for fresh air and sunshine. Happy day, outdoorists!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Hi-Tec®, but as always, words, photos, opinions, and undying love for the desert are my own.

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