The AVEX Travel Mug Review: A Spill-Proof, Van Life-Approved Tool for Road Trippers

If there’s one thing I’ve learned within the first week of van-dwelling, it’s this: Things bump around, a lot – and when they bump around, they are quite prone to spillage. And spillage, my friends, is not very fun when you’re living in a tiny mobile space. Thus far in the trip, we’ve spilled instant mashed potatoes, coffee, white gas, and flecks of pizza cheese all over the van. It ain’t pretty, folks. 

Enter the AVEX travel mug. I recieved mine right before the Simply Adventure trip began, and have been using it religiously ever since. These stainless steel beverage containers feature vacuum-sealed insulation and incredible auto-seal technology that renders your drink vessel 100% spill and leak-proof. Seriously.

My AVEX travel mug got buddy-buddy with the cacti out at Pace Bend Park in Texas.

I’m always skeptical when products make absolute claims, so I put my AVEX travel mug to the ultimate test: I gave it to Niko to use. I watched him carelessly knock it off countertops, throw it across the padded flooring at the rock gym, drop it numerous times, flip it upside down, you name it. And much to my surprise, not a single drop of water was shed from the bottle. Instant approval in my book.

Shake it upside down, toss it across a room, knock it off a shelf, the AVEX travel mug holds tight onto your liquids.Beyond its impeccable sealing powers, the AVEX travel mug offers a handful of additional features that bump it to the top of my drink-container gear list: it’s BPA-free, dishwasher safe (top rack), fits perfectly in the van’s cup holders, and keeps beverages both hot and cold for hours. The AVEX website gives the skinny on the exact insulation statistics: it keeps drinks hot for 5 hours, and cold for 14 hours. 

The best part? It’s affordable. I hate when a brand comes up with an ingenious product, then spikes up the price because they know their stuff is good. The folks at AVEX deliver a great product at a price even a van-dwelling dirtbag can jive with: the 16 oz. Highland Autoseal travel mug retails for $22.99. Not too shabby for such an impressive product, eh?

Now all I need is a sweet portable coffee-making set-up like the one Katie posted on Adventure Inspired and I’ll be set for endless days of caffeinated adventure on the road.

Bottom Line: I would highly recommend the AVEX travel mug to anyone who is constantly on-the-go and likes to bring a beverage along for the ride. This product lives up to the promises, it’s durable, and it has survived van life thus far. Mine was complimentary, but I would absolutely buy it any day.

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