AK Jigga – Get Your Fresh Tracks While They’re Hot!

If you’re into finding new, quality music that transcends the barriers of genres and styles, this post is for you. I’m talking acoustic, house, indie, folk – you name it, Andrew’s got it. Allow me to digress.

About a month ago, my Facebook feed started blowing up with promotions for a new site, AK JIGGA – and I immediately blew them off. Here we go again, another kid from my high school feebly trying to make it big, I thought. Honestly, I didn’t give the site a second thought until I caught a glimpse of AK JIGGA’s theme for that week: noteworthy female artists. That grabbed my attention, and I finally explored the site, which buried my ears in a whirlwind of fantastic music.

AK JIGGA is the digital love child of my high school peer, Andrew Kenward. His passion for the music industry sparked while he was attending college in Austin, Texas. Working for a handful of different music management and promotion gigs, Andrew booked coveted artists like The Cool Kids and Chiddy Bang. He’s spent the past two spring breaks working for SXSW in Austin, and his dedication to the music industry has left him with a discerning taste for good music.

Andrew gave birth to AK JIGGA after a failed internship left him stranded in Miami with time on his hands and a constantly stream of friends begging for music recommendations. He took a small hiatus when his schooling became too demanding, but Andrew is back in action with a steady flow of hard beats and ethereal vocals. I highly recommend that you check out the website, and all you social media kids should ‘like’ the AK JIGGA Facebook page, which already has almost 250 fans.

This site is the real deal, folks. Andrew has watched his reputation skyrocket, landing him on the front page of The Hype Machine’s popular tracks page. Get your fix of Andrew’s top picks via the Hype Machine by clicking here to check out his featured tracks – and as Andrew said himself, “click those hearts for AK JIGGA!”

One of my favorite tracks recently posted on AK JIGGA is entitled “Raggamuffin” by Selah Sue, a young Belguim artist with a gorgeous voice. Check out a live version of her song. While you’re at it, poke around the rest of the site. He showcases everything from Rusko and Born Ruffians to The xx and the folk melodies of Kelly Bartley, who is another talented high school peer.

Kudos, Mr. Kenward – and keep up the sweet, sweet work. Readers, you can expect to see more of AK JIGGA as I’ll inevitably find it irresistible to share new tracks as they emerge.

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