A harness disguised as khaki shorts, and a climbing skort for ladies?

I was recently approached by fellow lady adventurer Amy Jurries of The Gearcaster to assist her with a new product review – which led me to a few truly unusual (and maybe awesome) discoveries in innovational climbing gear.

I’m usually a pretty verbose gal, but I think I’ll let the images do the speaking before I get all wordy – check out these two pieces of Mammut apparel:

Seriously – WHAT?!

Personally, my mind is most blown by the Realization shorts; a fully-functional harness disguised as a pair of casual khaki shorts. Is this real life? I was immediately impressed, but when I showed my male housemates, they didn’t seem as convinced. We dove into a discussion about all the areas where this seemingly fantastic concept might fail: How comfortable would it be to wear that the entire day? Does the butt part of the fabric bunch up while you’re climbing? (As a climbing photographer, that is actually a legit thing to consider; I don’t want saggy asses ruining my shots!)

When it comes to the women’s Refine skort, the boys all giggled at the idea of a skirt built for climbing – but you’ll just have to wait for my review to come out on The Gearcaster to find out how it really works out! I’m still pretty wowed by the little velcro straps in the front of the skirt designed to let you pull your harness leg straps up while maintaining the skirt-y shape – pretty darn interesting idea!

What do you think about the Realization harness shorts,
or the Mammut women’s climbing skort?

Would you wear either one of these? 

Katie Boué lives and breathes the outdoor lifestyle. She is an ardent advocate for fresh air, muddy boots, and clean eating. After spending a 365 days living in a van during a yearlong climbing road trip, she continues to document and share the everyday adventures of life.


  1. Ummmmm no. I still can’t wrap my head around running skirts, although I admit that I’m dying try one :) Having said that, running in a skirt is a tad bit more ladylike than climbing in one. I’m not necessarily into being all girly,but wearing a skirt on a rock face seems unnecessary!

  2. Sounds like a great idea! I’d wear those shorts and test them out!

  3. seems totally pointless. but hey, chalk it up to mammut for some innovative designing. im just not that into skirts when outdoors, or shorts that you cant take off.

  4. I’ve climbed in a skort… at a party in Las Vegas that had a climbing wall. Plus the skorts I had on was the kind where it’s really shorts under a skirt so the skirt part just went up and I was basically wearing shorts.

  5. climbrunliftmom says:

    Very interesting… I can’t wait to hear what you thought about them.

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