Revolutionizing the hydration pack with GeigerRig – and your chance to win one! [CLOSED]

I wasn’t always an outdoorsy adventurer; and when I first began spending large amounts of time outdoors, I wasn’t very well prepared. Case in point: the backpacks I used to carry around. Gear junkies, shield your eyes – the image you’re about to see isn’t very pretty, nor is it a proud moment for me.

The couple is pretty cute, if I do say so myself, but take note of the pathetic sack slung around my back. It sticks out like a sore thumb against an otherwise fairly rugged scene. It shamefully, and I hang my head in despair at the mere thought of admitting to rockin’ this ‘gear’ while out on the trail.

Seriously, who wears a plaid Jansport backpack around while going hiking in Colorado? And frankly, that was the most dignified of my ‘packs’ at the time. I was no stranger to the consequences of inadequate gear – my shoulders were constantly strained, my back always ached after a long day outside, and the contents of my sack were never properly distributed. Everything hurt, everything was uncomfortable.

As part of my work with the Hydration Summit, Geigerrig sent me a sweet hydration pack – the Rig 1200. I’ll admit, the camo print wasn’t exactly my style, but the pack (and hydration bladder) was revolutionary for my outdoor experiences.

The first thing I noticed? The amazing weight distribution and body support I got from the thick straps, including both a waist and a chest strap. Suddenly, all that bulk wasn’t sitting heavily on my shoulders; my hips were carrying the pack, too! Plus, with plenty of pockets and nooks, the pack was begging to be stuffed silly with snacks, gear, and camera equipment.

The pack was great, but GeigerRig’s shining star is the pressurized hydration system that comes equipped in every backpack. The hydration bladder features a slide top for easy refills, and it’s the simplest darn thing to clean. You can pop it in the dishwasher, flip it inside out and scrub it down, anything that tickles your fancy. As a major germ freak, I really appreciated that.

The most rad aspect of GeigerRig’s hydration system? The pressurization. The pack is hooked up to not just one but two tubes – your usual drinking valve, and then an additional pump (for the pressurizing, of course). Use a simple hand pump to crank air into your hydration pack, and once it’s full, your drinking valve acquires the gift of spray.

I absolutely loathe sucky valves. So thank you, GeigerRig,
for freeing me from the gross curse of sucky valves.

You can spray! It admittedly took me a while to figure the innovative system out, and I may or may not have accidentally squirted our old beagle in the face upon discovering what I needed to press to make the spray-action happen – but it is so amazing. Now I can share water with my gross climbing cohorts, spray down my OmniFreeze Zero neck gaiter when I need to cool down, hose down wounds, clean camping cookware, you name it.

I love my GeigerRig hydration pack, and I think you will too – which is why The Morning Fresh and GeigerRig teamed up to give one lucky reader their own pack!

A more streamlined version of my Rig 1200, the sleek and slender Rig 500 is a convenient outdoor companion. It comes equipped with all the innovative features you’d expect from a GeigerRig pack, including sturdy construction and fabric, an iPod-ready waterproof compartment, and the best hydration pack on the market.

And the Rig 500 comes with GeigerRig’s famous Adventure Passport, a thick booklet filled with all sorts of adventure goodies, including free ski lift passes for dozens of resorts, complimentary oil changes, discounts on rafting trips, and more!

So how can you win the Rig 500?

Prove that this bad boy will get put to good use! Show us your adventure chops – in photo form.

How to enter: Post an image of your best summertime adventure on The Morning Fresh Facebook page, and let us know in the caption how a GeigerRig hydration pack would have improved your trip. Then comment on this post with a link to your image! I’ll turn all the submissions into an album, and pick one lucky winner to receive the pack.

The contest officially ends at 11:59 PM on Friday, August 31st
so get your entry uploaded ASAP for your chance to win!


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      I got you lady, no worries. You were supposed to comment with a link to the FB image you posted on the fan page, but it’s more of a way to double check so I can keep track of all the entries.

    • says

      Very cool photo, Justin! I’ve always wanted to participant in one of those crazy races, but I’m just so bad at running, and anything involving running, haha!


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