The greatest climbing meme a lady climber has ever seen

Yeah, I’m a serious climber. Yeah, I sometimes don’t shave my arm pits as frequently as I should, nor do I uphold usual ladylike standards like painted fingernails and plucked eyebrows. But does that make me immune to the glory that is Ryan Gosling? Hell no.

Ryan Gosling is the sexiest slice of man, ever. I said it. Enjoy.

My lovely friends over at on the STONELICK Facebook page posted this a few days ago (Diana, I know Arone had nothing to do with this, ha), and I couldn’t help but share it here for all you wonderful climber ladies. It’s originally from the what-a-climber tumblr, which has become a soul-sucking source of procrastination for me.

Can you imagine how much harder we would crush if Ryan Gosling was there to spot us? Or maybe not, because who wouldn’t want to ‘pop’ off a crimper and go crashing into his arms? 

Hope you all enjoyed that brief glimpse into me as a cheesy, starry-eyed girl. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go file my callouses and try to find a razor – I wasn’t joking about those unshaved armpits.


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