Watch ‘Sketchy’ Andy Lewis bring slack-lining to the mainstream during the Superbowl halftime show

I admit it, I totally watched the Superbowl. Originally, I was in it for the mango habañero hot wings, tequila shots, and my homemade guacamole – but then, the halftime show came on and I was riveted by an unexpected sight:

Sketchy Andy slacklined with Madonna during the halftime show?!

Image courtesy of the International Business Times.

While his feminine toga get-up and golden jewelry made me giggle a bit, I was stoked to see slacklining highlighted during such a huge national event. Along with climbing, this unique sport has been gaining recognition as folks begin to embrace the thrill and adventure of outdoor extreme sports. Andy’s performance was one of the most raved about portions of the halftime show – and let’s face it, with that sweet back-flip dismount, Sketchy Andy Lewis rocketed himself into immortality.

Were you too busy crushin’ granite or daydreaming about faraway crags to catch Andy Lewis slacklining during the Superbowl? Check out the video of the entire halftime show – naturally, I’d suggest you do yourself a favor and skip to the 4:00 mark to watch Sketchy Andy in all his splendor.


Pretty sweet gig, dude. Plus, according to the Sender Films blog, Andy is slated to tag along on Madonna’s latest tour with over 100 additionally booked performances. While I struggle with the idea of climbing and slacklining becoming more mainstream, it is undeniably badass to see such a humble sport highlighted during a major event like the Superbowl. Hats off to you, Sketchy Andy!

PS: To be fair to his true style, it must be know that Andy Lewis doesn’t always don a silky toga and golden necklace – check out this video of Sketchy Andy high-lining in the desert, base jumping off cliffs, and generally being the ultimate redheaded badass.