The long lost road trip photos have arrived!

After months of allowing my film rolls to sit dormant on my desk, I finally took them in to be developed. In a tragic twist, my second roll was completely blank – I blame myself for messing around while trying to open my camera’s latch. Gone forever are my photos of Garden of the Gods, but I do have a small handful of photos from the rest of the trip to share. Surprisingly, there was even a picture of me in the bunch! I never make appearances in my photos, largely because I’m always behind the camera.

I cannot begin to express how much I miss those two weeks spent traversing the great outdoors in search of adventure and climbing. We may have been lost half of the trip, but the scenery was always stunning and you honestly can’t ask for better company than the three boys who accompanied me on our journey. We shared one of the greatest periods of exploration together, feasted on local grub together, and sometimes plotted to murder eachother – all with love.

The following shots are from a phenomenal community garden that we visited in Denver, Colorado. The entire garden was full of blossoming flowers, and peaceful bees flitted from bud to bud, making for some great shots (like the one featured on The Morning Fresh’s header image). I would love to be able to participate in a community garden like this one. It’s a shame we don’t have anything like this in Tallahassee.

Returning home after our road trip was a bittersweet experience. I long to get back on the road and drive through winding mountainsides, eat a million grilled cheese sandwiches since barbecue joints aren’t exactly vegetarian friendly, smell like a dirty sock from not showering for days – I miss it all. Until then, climbing at the Tallahassee Rock Gym and adventuring on the weekends will have to suffice.

Note: These photos were all taken with a Canon AE-1 camera, with a broken aperture.


  1. Alex Uribe says

    I can definitely relate to being the person behind the camera of all the pictures, haha. For the big year, definitely going to carry around a film camera, just cause there’s something beautiful in the analog print where digital is just too vivid. ps, good stuff.

    • says

      ‘The big year’ – I love it. There really is something attractive about film vs. digital. It just has that authentic vibe to it. It’s sad how my relationship with my digital camera has cooled off recently; I just can’t dig the whole ‘point and shot’ concept anymore. My AE-1 makes me really earn my photos.

    • says

      Thanks, McGoo. I miss ‘living’ with you. You’re in one of the shots, but it came out super blurry. We’ll just have to go on another trip to recreate the magic.

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