Bird’s Eye View

Greetings, my poor neglected readers. I have been a horrible writer, growing lazier and lazier as the end of summer threatened my sun-loving fun – but I’m here now, ready to rock n’ roll. Currently, I am perched high on the second story of the Bellamy building on Florida State campus. I am over an hour early to my next class, but it was serendipitous to come across the classroom. With towering glass panels as windows, I have a prime people-watching spot.

As I chomp down on a delicious everything bagel with veggie cream cheese in the privacy of this empty room, hundreds of students are shuffling through the union area below. Herds of sheep doning their new sorority t-shirts scurry along the brick pathway while yapping loudly into their iPhones – I can hear some of their giggles from all the way up here. It amazes me how such a diverse group of people can collectively swarm this small space of campus. Nerdy boys wobble on their bicycles while maneuvering past tanned women with too much product in their curls. A chubby girl shoves candy into her sweaty mouth as her male friend bores her with his weekend tales. It all makes me wonder – where do I belong in all this mess? I wonder what someone perched on the windowsill of a second story would think of me as I walked by, balancing my handmade backpack and my eco-friendly water bottle while texting on my iPhone. How would my bright blue Ray-Ban sunglasses, striped blue tank top and dirty jean shorts look to an outsider?

Just a little rambling, don’t mind me. I promise to be more diligent in my updates, the class I’m waiting for now runs off of its own WordPress blog – you can check it out at I’m pumped for the lecture to begin; I’ve had Katheryn Wright as my instructor for two semesters prior to this, and she is a blast.

Enjoy your first day of Fall semester, and keep a smile on your face – you never know who might be munching on a bagel while watching you from above.


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